What Temperatures Can Quartz Countertops Withstand?

How Heat Resistant are Quartz Countertops?

Ensuring your quartz countertop is able to provide you and your family with a beautiful area to prepare and enjoy meals is essential to any home. You may be wondering just how heat-resistant quartz countertops are to some of the dishes you prepare. In this post, we’ll be discussing this topic and also what to avoid with your quartz countertops when it comes to heat.

The Kitchen is the Heart of the Home

As stated above, the kitchen is the heart of the home. When you’re truly passionate about cooking, you’ll want a high-quality quartz countertop to not only provide a fantastic cooking preparation area, but also for the look and feel which quartz possesses. So, this begs the following question…

Are Quartz Countertops Heat-Resistant?

Yes, quartz has a very high threshold for heat. However the resin used in the manufacturing process does not. Quartz countertops are a man made product designed for homeowners who like the idea of very low maintenance countertops. This is the primary difference between quartz and granite. Quartz countertops have a much lower tolerance for heat but require much lower, if any, maintenance at all. Just keep them clean and avoid hot pans and your quartz countertops could last a lifetime.

How Much Heat Can Quartz Countertops Withstand?

The amount of heat quartz can withstand typically maximizes around 150F, whereas granite can withstand temperatures of around 450F. This is quite a large difference in heat-resistant capabilities. While 150 degrees may not sound like a lot, the extra durability and low maintenance requirements have made quartz the go to countertop material as of late.

Good Ways to Avoid Damage to Your Quartz Countertops

Below are some great ways to avoid heat-induced damage to your quartz countertops. Everything from using a hot pad, to utilizing coasters for hot tea/coffee, and avoiding the use of abrasive cleaners which could strip your quartz countertop of its precious shimmer.

Use a Hot Pad or Trivet

A hot pad or a trivet can be a great tool to use if you plan on placing hot casserole dishes or cast iron pans on your quartz countertops. The hot pad or trivet can readily absorb the heat induced by the hot dish or pan, thus displacing the heat appropriately to protect your quartz countertops.

Use Coasters for Hot Mugs and Cups

This is a rare instance where the heat from very hot coffee or tea may cause a ring-shaped burn on your quartz countertop. Again, this is unlikely, unless you enjoy your coffee or tea extremely hot. Just to be proactive, we’d recommend using quality coasters when placing hot mugs on your quartz countertop. It also just happens to look better when preparing for guests.

Avoid Waiting for Spills to Dry & Crust

If you accidentally spill a liquid or solid food on your quartz countertop, we’d recommend cleaning it up within the first minute. Quartz can sometimes be sensitive to staining, especially if it’s a lighter color or shade. Cleaning up the spill before it becomes dried out or crusted onto your quartz countertops can prevent staining and damage from occurring.

Avoid Abrasive, Strong Cleaners

We recommend using a mild soap and warm water to clean your quartz countertops. Dr. Bronner’s Sal Suds is great for cleaning quartz countertops. It has a strong degreasing quality as well without being harsh on the surface of quartz.

Use a Soft Sponge

Whenever you’re wiping up or wiping down your quartz countertops, you’ll want to use the soft side of the sponge. The rough, abrasive side can sometimes cause damage to your quartz countertops in the form of unsightly scratches. Nobody wants that. So do your best to use a soft sponge and you should be a-okay.

All in All, Treat Your Quartz Countertops Well & They’ll Treat You Well

High-quality quartz countertops are made to last with the proper care and maintenance. If you treat your quartz countertops with the right level of care, they’ll treat you with a great place to prepare meals and gather for many years to come!

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