Replacing Granite Countertops: Our Guide

Replacing Granite Countertops: Our Guide

Replacing granite countertops can give your kitchen, bathroom, at-home bar, etc… a whole new look and feel. We’re here to help you determine if you need to replace your granite countertops and explore the various options we have here at Emerald GraniteWorks. Read on to learn more about the process and how we can best assist during this time to have your home looking better than ever!

Why Should You Replace Your Granite Countertops?

Below is a list of when you should replace your granite countertops. There are many reasons why someone may choose to replace their granite countertops, yet the below list contains some of the most common reasons we’ve seen so far in our experience.

Outdated Look & Feel

Some granite countertops may have an outdated look and feel. This can be due to certain trends which came and went, or it could just fall under the fact you’ve updated the rest of your house, and your old granite countertops are still lingering around. With this in mind, it’s important to determine what you think is best for your kitchen, bathrooms, at-home bar, etc… From there, we’ll be able to guide you with what we think will work best within the newly renovated space. 


If your granite countertops are damaged, you’ll most likely need to replace the entire slab which is affected. Granite typically arrives in large pieces, and with these large pieces, there may be a chance they’ll break if a very heavy object is dropped on the countertop. We have a large selection of granite to choose from here at Emerald GraniteWorks, so if you’re feeling down due to your granite countertops becoming damaged; don’t worry, we’ll have you fixed up in no time!

Doesn’t Match Up with Your New Cabinetry

As mentioned above, there are certain stylings which will work great with certain designs of granite countertops. Then there is kitchen design which doesn’t work well with other certain stylings of granite countertops. Finding the right balance for your interior design tastes and a style of granite which has timeless appeal is crucial when selecting your next granite countertop. 

You’re Looking for a Change

Sometimes, you’re just looking for a change in the look of your granite countertops and desire a refresh of sorts. This is great! Sometimes a space which is frequently utilized, such as a kitchen, needs to be changed up to regain inspiration to cook and make it the heart of the home once again. 

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