How to Clean Granite

How to Clean Granite Countertops

Granite countertops are a fantastic addition to your home. Whether they’re in the kitchen or even within your at-home bar; they’re meant to withstand the wear and tear of extended use. Throughout this post, we’ll be discussing how to take care of, and clean your granite countertops, so they continue to maintain top-tier quality for many years to come. Read on to explore the various ways to properly clean your granite countertops and ensure they can be enjoyed for many generations within your family.

Clean Off Any Larger Debris

First and foremost, you’ll want to clear off any larger debris on your granite countertops. This will help ensure you’re not spreading around any gross crud and food particles when you begin to properly clean the granite surface. From here, you’ll want to begin sudsing up a nice, soft sponge to best remove stuck on food or anything else which may be causing your granite countertops to not look their best.  

Scrub the Granite Surface with Warm Water & Soap

Using a warm, sudsy, soapy sponge; you’ll want to gently scrub (with the soft side) your granite countertops. This action of gentle scrubbing will most likely work well to address any buildup which may have grown over time. The act of using a high-quality soap with a soft sponge can do wonders to help maintain your granite countertops integrity and cleanliness.

Remove Stubborn Buildup with a Plastic Scraper

If you happen to encounter an especially tough area of crud or buildup (baking cookies, hardened pasta sauces, etc…), you’ll want to use a plastic scraper to effectively remove said buildup. The plastic scraper won’t slice or scratch your granite countertops. Using a metal scraper can permanently damage your granite countertops, so we’d advise against it. You can typically find a nice, plastic scraper within any dishwashing aisle at your local grocery store.

Use a Granite Cleaner Formulated for Your Style of Granite Afterwards

If you’re willing to splurge on a high-quality granite cleaner, we’d recommend it. There are various types of granite cleaners and polishers. They’re formulated to work well with your granite countertops and can truly leave your granite looking the absolute best it can be. Having a bottle of granite cleaner and polisher readily available will allow you to maintain a clean, shiny surface for all of your guests to be “wowed”!

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