How Long Do Granite Countertops Last?


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How Long Do Granite Countertops Last?

Granite countertops have the ability to last for many decades if they’re taken care of appropriately. What does this mean exactly? Well, we’re glad you asked! Throughout this post, we’ll be discussing the various methods of extending the life of your granite countertops and how you can take care of them to ensure a lifetime full of use. Read on to learn more from our team of experts here at Emerald GraniteWorks.

Granite Countertops Last a Long Time

The bottom line is: granite countertops last a very long time. They can last well beyond 100 years if you take care of them properly. This is much longer than most other styles of countertops. If you believe granite countertops are “expensive”, then break down the cost of ownership if you happen to stay in the same house for multiple decades and you don’t have to replace them thanks to their sturdiness and longevity. They’ll no longer seem expensive after you run some numbers on the true cost of ownership when compared to other materials which may have to be replaced every 10 years or so.

How Long Do Granite Countertops Last in Comparison to Other Materials?

Granite is one of the longest lasting materials when it comes to countertops. In comparison to other materials such as concrete (lasts 20+years), to cultured marble (20-30 years), or even laminate (10-20 years); you’ll find granite to be one of the longest lasting materials out of all listed. This is thanks to the fact granite is already millions of years old. It’s also very tough and scratch-resistant in most cases. 

How to Extend the Life of Your Granite Countertops?

With granite countertops being very strong materials, it’s still important to take care of them to ensure their luster and sheen is preserved for many years to come. Below are a few ways to do so.

Sealing Your Granite Countertops

You should always have your granite countertops sealed with the right sealant to preserve the integrity of your precious granite. When you choose not to seal your granite, you run the risk of staining and this isn’t a good look. Sealing should last for approximately 10 years or so.

Cleaning Your Granite Countertops

Nobody likes a dirty countertop. Consistently cleaning your granite countertops with the right cleaners can go a long way in preserving their look and feel. In addition to preserving your granite, you’re also maintaining a clean household where food is typically prepared. Consistently cleaning your granite countertops can help prevent nasty crud from developing over time and make for a cleaner kitchen environment.

Protecting Your Granite Countertops Throughout the Years

There are a few basic steps you can take to preserve your granite throughout the years:

  1. Avoid dropping heavy objects of kitchen equipment on the granite countertops. If the granite happens to crack, you’ll have to replace the entire slab.
  2. Be sure to seal your granite to avoid staining and discoloration over time.
  3. Always use a cutting board when slicing, dicing, or chopping food. Yes, granite is very strong, yet it still may be vulnerable to deep cuts from very sharp knives.

Choosing Granite Over Other Materials May Save You Money

With granite lasting for such a long time, you’ll often find the higher costs are balanced out with the years of available use over time. Yes, granite may be expensive yet it lasts 10x longer than other materials mentioned in this post. If you’re searching for a high-quality granite installer in the greater Austin, Texas area; you’ll want to contact us using the button below. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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